John Sosa

Gym Owner, Head Instructor

Mr. John Sosa has been a dedicated veteran of the martial arts for over 40 years and comes from a long lineage of martial artists. He began amateur boxing and started competing in his early years, and soon progressed to dedicated training in Muay Thai Boxing. Mr. Sosa began his training in Muay Thai Boxing in 1988 under the guidance & tutelage of Ajarn Surachai Sirisute, founder of the T.B.A. Association of U.S.A. He has had the opportunity to compete nationally as well as internationally earning an international Muay Thai middle weight championship title in 1993.

In 1994 he was on the first  Dallas, Texas team to go and compete on the under card of  Bunkerd Faphimai and Sakasem "Kazam" Kanthawong championship bouts, held at the Fairtex Grand Opening Muay Thai debut championships in Arizona. 

Khru John Sosa has devoted the last 27 years of his life studying and training in the art and culture of Muay Thai Boxing as well as helping to spread & coach in the art of Muay Thai through various workshops. He is one of the first Americans to become certified to teach Muay Thai Boxing in the United States and remains active to date. His years of experience & instruction will greatly benefit all who wish to learn Muay Thai.  Khru Sosa spends much of his time devoted to training many young up & coming fighters both boxers and Muay Thai boxers. Mr. Sosa also is a member and certified coach with USA Boxing.

Mr. Sosa brings a traditional yet strong and positive approach to his instruction and training at the Aiki Muay Thai Boxing Gym, while maintaining discipline, courtesy and respect, and helping you learn or greatly improve your skill set and get you into the best shape of your life doing it!

Mike Howard

Assistant Instructor

Mike Howard has trained in the art of Muay Thai for over 18 years. He began his training under Khru Rick Sosa in 1997. Throughout his years of training, he has also repeatedly trained and learned under the guidance and instruction of Ajarn Surachai Sirisute, founder of the World Thai Boxing Association.

He has trained with Khru Bunkerd Faphimai, Khru Samart "Neungsiam" Samphusri, Khru Ganyao, and Khru Phil Nurse. He has progressively trained with Khru John Sosa at Aiki Muay Thai Boxing Gym for over 14 years, and has grown tremendously in his practice during that time. He holds a 5-0 amateur Muay Thai Fight record, fighting in both Texas and Oklahoma.

He has also assisted Khru John Sosa in training fighters and has worked the corner along Khru Sosa's side  throughout the years. He has assisted Khru Sosa helping spread the art of Muay Thai through demonstrations and seminars throughout Texas, and instructs classes at Aiki Muay Thai Boxing Gym. He is also a certified U.S.A. Boxing coach. Khru Mike Howard and his experience in Muay Thai Boxing are a great asset to the AiKi Muay Thai Boxing Gym.