what to expect

At the Aiki Muay Thai Boxing Gym we teach Muay Thai and Western Boxing exclusively. Class instruction and training is focused for each student, as we understand that everyone requires specific attention in order to improve their skills. Training features attention to technique, pad-work, and intense cardio and strength conditioning that will build any Muay Thai boxer. Whether you are a beginner or a professional fighter and whatever your reason for training - to fight, to learn self defense, or to practice the path of a martial artist - the Aiki Muay Thai Boxing Gym will offer you top notch instruction in a welcoming, family-oriented environment. 

what to bring with you

For class you will need to wear a t-shirt and loose-fitting shorts or workout pants. We highly recommend that you purchase and bring your own hand-wraps and training gloves. For men we highly recommend a cup and supporter. For the serious student, you should get you own focus mitts, Thai pads, shin guards, boxing gloves, and headgear.